Can I Take Defensive Driving Class In a Different State?

We will help you obtain a Certificate of Completion to prove to your automotive insurance company, the court, or your workplace that you have been properly educated by a state certified
Defensive Driving school.

Take Defensive Driving Class Online From Our Milledgeville, GA School Instead of In Kivalina, AK

Why? Let's face it. You don't want locals in your business regardless if the schools in your location also offer an online Defensive Driving course and we get that. Taking Defensive Driving class is actually a positive thing, however, often times it can feel embarrassing due to one's circumstances. We believe every driver should be required to take this Defensive Driving course. The knowledge helps drivers save lives. Plain and simple.

How do you take an out-of-town or out-of-state Defensive Driving class? Easy! Online. Our courses are conducted with Zoom, so you can complete your class from our GA state certified school from anywhere. Simply verify with your state's driver agency to determine if they will accept a GA Defensive Driving Certification of Completion. Let them know that the course is 6 hours.

To the best of our knowledge, below is their contact information. If you see "Not Found" by the contact information, then the state's information has changed since we last verified their info. If their contact information appears to be out dated, please let us know and we will give you the correct information.

What Is a Defensive Driving Class?

Defensive Driving class is not the same as Driver Training class, which confuses some people. Likewise, Defensive Driving class is not the same as a . Defensive Driving class is a supplemental course that gives you survival knowledge while driving and the mentality of what it means to be a good driver. This course is good for lowering your automotive insurance rates and reducing points off your driver's license with the state. Before you take this course to lower your insurance rates, please check with your insurance provider first. The reason is that you must be qualified according to their policy.

Sometimes the court system will mandate that you take a Defensive Driving course depending on the severity of a traffic violation. In fact, some companies require their employees or staff to take a Defensive Driving course for a variety of reasons. If you have a serious traffic violation that does not involve drugs or alcohol, it is usually recommended to attend this course before being court ordered for potential leniency by a judge. Regardless, the knowledge gained can help save your life as well as the life of others. In this world, there are no reset buttons.

In Georgia, this is a 6 hour training course to begin your compliance as you work to regain your driving privileges and demonstrate responsible behaviors to the court. We are a Certified Defensive Driving School in Milledgeville, GA (Baldwin County). When it comes to Defensive Driving training, our Milledgeville School is #1. Our environment and location is comfortable and the process is extremely easy if you simply follow our guidance.

At this time, Defensive Driving classes are offered only online. This means you can attend class from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. We provide all the instructions you'll need in order to have a successful experience.

How Much Does Defensive Drive Class Cost?

The cost of the Defensive Driving Class in Georgia is usually $95.00 regardless of what state certified institution you choose. If you fail to complete the course, then the rescheduling fee is the same price of $95.00. Please be careful when looking elsewhere. You see there are A LOT of scammers offering Defensive Driving courses and their prices are usually around $50. Should you see any price that low, let that be a red flag to stay away. You want a state wide certified school like WRR Defensive Driving and DUI Program.

The 'schools' you find that are offering courses for cheap are not state wide certified. They may be certified in a select court hundreds of miles away from you. If you see a phrase on their website that says something similar to "in select courts", stay away. If you call them and ask if they are state wide certified and they say no, stay away. You will end up wasting your money and having to pay $95 on top of what you spent because their certificates are not authorized by DDS (Department of Driver Services). If you take such a certificate to DDS, you will be denied.

How to Register for Defensive Driving Class?

Simply choose from the class schedule below. These are not on-demand classes. They are scheduled online classes facilitated through Zoom and you must be on time. Yes, our classes are Georgia State approved by DDS.

Don't procrastinate! Registration closes at 3:30 PM the day before class starts.

The Truth About Defensive Driving Class

Whether you are new to driving or not, safety is important and by attending this training, you will gain a lasting perspective on your accountability and leadership as a responsible driver. This course trains you to think more carefully about how to avoid seemingly causal decisions that could be devastating to you and others. Our goal is to educate and equip you with the tools to facilitate safe, proper, and responsible driving behavior for the benefit of all.

Trust no other Defensive Driving school in Milledgeville, GA other than the WRR Defensive Driving School. We service all states that accepts Georgia's Certificate of Completion and due to our location, we commonly have students from places like , , , , , , , , , , and .

(i.e., ) is the metropolitan region surrounding the city of Milledgeville in Baldwin County and Macon in Bibb County within the State of Georgia. Our services all of Georgia including many other states.

Are Online Defensive Driving Classes Approved by The State?

Yes, online Defensive Driving classes are approved by the state of Georgia for the schools DDS has state-certified. Our certification number is #959. Here we will discuss the confusion surrounding the approval of online classes by the state.

Respectfully, there are a handful of government officials including non-government officials that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The information that they are telling you about online classes does not pertain to state certified schools, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Even worse, this is the state department's fault for not clarifying.

The state department NEVER clarified to the public what they actually meant by 'online schools' or 'online certificates' not being approved. To be completely honest, they do not care to clarify this because it takes a lot of effort for them to keep every page of their website up-to-date. It's the government and we all know how tremendously slow they can be about the simplest of tasks.

Any school certified by the state department is an authorized vendor that is recognized by every court within the state. Traditionally, schools such as ours only performed in-person classes. Not long after, discount-scam-like schools were popping up 'online'. These are schools that are not certified by the state department and their certificates can only be accepted in 'select courts'...

Do you see where we're going with this? Yes, the state department lumped all of these unapproved schools as 'online schools' because all of their approved schools were brick-and-mortars with in-person classes.

This is why nearly every single discount site you find regarding Defensive Driving class is essentially a scam. Their education may be fine, but they are not approved by the state nor are they recognized by every court.

Discount Defensive Driving sites that say, "Approved in select courts." is your cue to stay away. All that you will gain from continuing with them is a certificate that cannot be applied to your driving profile with the state. It works well perhaps with your insurance provider, but it has absolutely no value in most courts. More importantly, it certainly has no value with your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or DDS (Department of Driver Services).

Our school is a state certified school recognized by every court in the state of Georgia. In fact, some states listed below also accept certificates from Georgia.

What States Can Attend Defensive Driving School in GA?

Can you take Defensive Driving class in a different state? Yes! We literally have students coming from all over to attend our Defensive Driving school. If you live in another state, city, or county and want to attend our school for any reason, check with your state's Department of Driver Services (DDS) or Driver of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to ask if they will accept a Defensive Driving Certificate of Completion from the state of GA. It really is easy as asking, "If I complete a Defensive Driving course from a state certified school in Georgia, will this state accept their Certificate of Completion?" Be sure to remind them that it is a 6 hour course if they ask.