Can I Take DUI Class In a Different State?

We will help you obtain a Certificate of Completion to prove to the court that you have been properly educated by a state certified
DUI school and help you sign-up for a clinical evaluation when required.

Take DUI Class Here In GA Instead of In VT

Why? Let's face it. You don't want locals in your business and we get that. Taking DUI class is actually positive thing, however, often times it can feel embarrassing due to one's circumstances. We do not judge any student for taking DUI class because we believe every driver should be required to take this course. It saves lives. Plain and simple.

How do you take an out-of-town or out-of-state DUI class? Easy! Online. Our courses are conducted with Zoom, so you can complete your requirements from our GA state certified school from anywhere. Simply verify with your state's driver agency to determine if they will accept a GA DUI Certification of Completion. Let them know that the course is 20 hours.

To the best of our knowledge, below is their contact information. If you see "Not Found" by the contact information, then the state's information has changed since we last verified their info. If their contact information appears to be out dated, please let us know and we will give you the correct information.

What Is a DUI Class?

If you were charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), this is the class you need in order to resolve your court ordered obligations. It is usually recommended to attend this course before being court ordered for potential leniency by a judge. Regardless, the knowledge gained can help save your life as well as the life of others. In this world, there are no reset buttons.

In Georgia, this is a 20 hour (2.5 day) training course to begin your compliance as you work to regain your driving privileges and demonstrate responsible behaviors to the court. We are a Certified DUI School in . When it comes to DUI risk reduction training, our Milledgeville DUI School is #1. Our environment and location is comfortable and the process is extremely easy if you simply follow our guidance.

At this time, DUI classes are offered only online. This means you can attend class from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. We provide all the instructions you'll need in order to have a successful experience. As coronavirus restrictions relax and instructors return to the area, we will resume in-person classes while leaving online as another option.

How Much Does DUI Class Cost?

The cost of the DUI Risk Reduction Class in Georgia is $360.00 regardless of what state certified institution you choose. All fees are set by DDS (Department of Driver’s Services). This fee includes your personality assessment survey and class material. If you fail to complete the course, then the rescheduling fee is $235.00, which is the cost of the class minus your assessment and course material.

If you require a Clinical Evaluation after completing the course, we can refer you to a Clinical Evaluator. Please note that this is a separate service provider that is not affiliated with our school nor is it included in the cost of your DUI class.

Do I Need a Clinical Evaluator for DUI Class?

What is a Clinical Evaluator? A Clinical Evaluator is a 3rd party service offered by a licensed professional that we can refer you to. These are the individuals that you will see after completing your profile assessment with the school. Your profile assessment is a 143 question survey required by the state to be completed before you can attend DUI class and is included in your fee.

Is a Clinical Evaluator required? That depends on your situation. In general, a first time offender will be required to see a Clinical Evaluator. Depending on your situation, however, the court may not required this of you. If you are unsure, contact the court, your lawyer or your probation officer to find out.

Once completed, this profile assessment can be requested by your choosen Clinical Evaluator. They more than likely will give you a profile ID number, so that we can use a secure system for transferring your profile assessment. There is a fee of $25 that you must pay in order for us to transfer profile assessment to your Clinical Evaluator. Before doing so, you will have to authorize this transfer.

The easiest path is to complete your DUI class first and then ask us for a Clinical Evaluator referral afterwards. If you rather find your own, you can search the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health's directory.

How much does a Clinical Evaluator cost? It depends on your choosen provider because they set their own prices. This fee can range from $100 to $150 and possibly a little more than that. If you have any other questions regarding this, please let us know.

The Truth About DUI Class

Whether you are new to driving or not, safety is important and by attending this training, you will gain a lasting perspective on your accountability and leadership as a responsible driver. This course trains you to think more carefully about how to avoid seemingly causal decisions that could be devastating to you and others. Our goal is to educate and equip you with the tools to facilitate safe, proper, and responsible driving behavior as a preventive measure to promote safety and alleviate further incidents of DUI.

Trust no other DUI school in Milledgeville, GA other than the WRR DUI School. We service all states that accepts Georgia's Certificate of Completion and due to our location, we commonly have students from places like , , , , , , , , , and .

What States Can Attend DUI School in GA?

Can you take DUI class in a different state? Yes! We literally have students coming from all over to attend our DUI school. If you live in another state, city, or county and want to attend our school for any reason, check with your state's Department of Driver Services (DDS) or Driver of Moter Vehicles (DMV) to ask if they will accept a DUI Certificate of Completion from the state of GA. If you have a lawyer, the have them do it instead and it really is easy as asking, "If I complete a DUI course from a state certified school in Georgia, will this state accept their Certificate of Completion?" Be sure to remind them that it is a 20 hour course if they ask.

It doesn't matter if you're coming from the following counties. We'll help you obtain your Certificate of Completion.